My career as a painter, photographer, and art instructor has been fulfilling. Retired from the art festival circuit, I continue to create and market my work locally and on the Internet. I create my own videos for online teaching and demonstrations. I am currently writing and publishing art techniques eBooks. I work from my home studio in Atlanta, Georgia. 



I studied art at the Atlanta College of Art, also with University of Georgia professors of art and other prominent art instructors throughout the United States, Japan, and France. I toured Italy with the Georgia Festival of the Arts in Italy and lived and traveled throughout the United States, toured several other countries to photograph, paint, and exhibit my work. Versatile in both traditional and contemporary techniques, my skills also include traditional and digital photography, digital art, and teaching. Along with receiving numerous awards, I have had three major solo shows.
My art is in many private and corporate collections. New York Graphic Society and Classic Collections have published my work. Below are listed some of the corporations and collages that purchased my work over the years.   

 DeKalb College,GA
 West Georgia College
 Sunkist Corporation, Atlanta,GA
 Haskin and Sells, Atlanta,GA
 Continental Finance, GA
 Communications Association, GA
 Sun Travel, GA
 Professional Travel, GA
 Intercredit Corporation, GA
 IBM, Atlanta,GA
 Portman Properties, Atlanta,GA
 John Wieland Homes,GA
 Fuqua Industries, GA
 Tenneco, GA
 Bell South, Atlanta, GA

 Insurance Management & Review, GA
 EGO Products, Inc. Newnan, GA
 Branch, Pike, Ganz & OCallagan, Atlanta, GA
 Inspection Services Group, GA
 National Computer Print, Inc.,GA
 Lyle Industries, GA
 First National Bank of Atlanta
 Prime Bank, GA
 Timetek Corporation, GA
 Lexmark International, Inc., GA
 ConAgra Poultry Co.,GA
 Choice Point, Atlanta,GA
 WALA TV, Pensacola, FL
 Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA
 Air Lingus, Glasgow, Scotland